Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thailand to ban ivory trade

Yingluck Shinawatra said on Sunday, the country will stop domestic ivory trade, and its commitment to improving the relevant legislation in order to avoid the country could face international trade sanctions. Thailand earlier in this issue was repeatedly criticized by environmental groups.

English is held in Bangkok of the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and Flora (CITES), made this statement at the opening of the General Assembly of the States parties. This CITES meeting will end on March 14.

"This will protect the elephants, including Thailand's hawks and wild elephants, the African elephant," English said in a statement.oakley outlet

Environmental groups, such as the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), TRAFFIC calls on CITES to Thailand, Nigeria, the Congo (DRC) to impose sanctions, because of their role in the global illegal ivory trade.

Environmentalists have criticised the Thailand domestic ivory markets are legal, and law enforcement lax, resulting in some poached ivory from Africa into the country market, indirectly stimulate poaching activities in Africa. Thailand has never publicly state their position to address this issue.cheap oakleys

Environmental groups have said that is not clear Thailand what means would be used to put an end to their domestic ivory trade, it was not clear how long this process takes time.

"The Prime Minister Britain needs to provide a timetable for the implementation of this ban and that treat this matter as an urgent task to complete, since elephant hunting continues," head of the WWF delegation attending the CITES Carlos Drews said.cheap oakley sunglasses