Thursday, April 25, 2013

Google the company work environment

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Maintain a relaxed environment allowing employees to work as to how to make genius in the company work more comfortable, Brin has its own unique oakleys
While the West has a famous saying: there is no free lunch. But in the Google company, Bryn will be "free" as part of the corporate culture, achieved a nuanced point to implement employee dining, fitness, massage, laundry, bathing, doctor 100% free; each floor there is a cafe, you can always make coffee, snack, drinks in the fridge, complimentary drink. Brin also allow employees to take their children and pets to work, which in the United States many of the companies are incredible. In addition, any key employees can have their own independent Office, each Office may, in accordance with their will to decorate. This company full of freedom and individuality, equality is just as oakley sunglasses
Him as a Google employee has developed an unwritten requirement: engineers must be one-fourth some time to think about the great ideas, even if those ideas may cause adverse to the company's financial Outlook. In order to encourage innovation, Bryn 20% of the time employees are allowed to pursue their interest in any of the work, however, research results must be sold to companies. Employees ' creativity skills contest held each year, the bonus is $ 10,000 in cash.oakley outlet

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