Monday, May 20, 2013

90% resources are used in the Internet marketing network Milan

90% resources are used in the Internet marketing network Milan, and that which is 98% for Google, as it is to get them the best way to find global audience more effectively. By working with Google Adwords, Milan network will soon enhance the power of the Web and find more customers. Milan NET to get more views and click-through rate, so as to develop more new customers, the first step in marketing. Next, the Milan NET neatly put in search and display advertising, developed a unique advertising strategy: use of search advertising to precisely position the new users and purchasing records of customers put in display advertising, based on interests, location, language, and other factors to adjust ad placement. Milan network, Google is not just an advertising platform, by discovering different information in different areas and are interested in different degrees, and help site for precision oakleys
As a business, network combines a team of Milan of the secondary research and analysis to increase customer stickiness. On the marketing optimization, network of Milan have been able to do so according to their analysis of Cookie technology, of interest to your audience can once again dig marketing, recommending different products for different users, and then update and associated product lines of product lines to increase the customer purchase amount and frequency of purchase, gradually building user habits and Word of mouth spread. Lai 鋆 thinks "is based on the area you want to do now and users are used to display personalized Web site. Next, we plan across the screen, allowing customers no matter which terminal can have a seamless Web experience. ”cheap oakley sunglasses
Good shopping experience is one of the success factors for successful marketing, starting with Milan network frequently encouraged users to put on the new clothes, shoot a video and share their feelings. Milan set up their own YouTube channel network, interaction with the user, spreading a pleasant shopping experience.oakley outlet

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